Saturday, 10 September 2011

Toasty Wrists

When I'm not crocheting scrummy things or looking after my brood, I'm mostly chained to my desk running my online party bags business.  I absolutely love working from home and running my own business, but it seems that no matter where in the house I put my desk, it is always in a draught.

Inevitably I end up wrapping a scarf round me to keep off the chill, but my hands and wrists do become icy, especially in the what I really need is a pair of wrist warmers. I've already made a pair, but I'm not happy with the end result, so decided to have a go at my own pattern...and it goes something like this:

I'm using UK terms.  Using DK yarn and a size 4.5mm hook, make a chain of 30 (or the right length to go round your wrist - make sure the chain only just fits round your wrist, as the piece stretches as you go).  

Chain 1, and starting with the first stitch, double crochet to end in col A.  
*2 rows of half treble crochet in col B (starting with a ch 2 turning chain, at beginning of each row)
2 rows of half treble crochet in col A.*  (starting with a ch 2 turning chain, at beginning of each row)
Repeat  from * to * until you have reached almost the desired length.
Finish off with 3 rows treble crochet, and fasten off.

Starting at the treble crochet end, double crochet or whip stitch the 2 sides together to create a tube - leaving a gap for your thumb when you are 4 stripes from the end.  Double crochet around the thumb hole to finish it off.  And there you have it! 

The pattern is the same for the left and right hand.  

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