Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's blanket time..!

It appears to be that time of year again, because I have been positively itching to make a new blanket.  I've had lots of fun making hats and scarves, but I really feel it's time to get my teeth into a bigger project.

This week, for one reason or another has been quite troublesome.  I've had a lot on my mind (the usual worries, nothing serious), which has resulted in lots of restless nights and a general feeling of malaise.  So what better therapy than a trip to my favourite wool shop, a brand new stash, and a Sunday afternoon making granny squares..? 

This will eventually become the most gorgeous vintage blanket, which I've been promising myself ever since I made the first one as a gift to my best friend.

I can envision the finished article already and can't wait to wrap myself (and maybe a child or 2) in it when the nights become really frosty!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

More hats!

I seem to be unable to stop making hats at the moment.  From basic beanies to berets and slouchy hats.  My favourite one is this simple slouch hat, which I made quite small

I also had some chunky beige wool left over so whipped up a simple slouch hat in that too.

Both hats are made from the same free pattern, which I found on Ravelry  It's amazing the different results you get by changing yarn.

Sirdar Fizz Scarf

I've just finished this beautiful fluffy scarf, made with one strand of dk yarn and one strand of Sirdar Fizz.  It's so lovely and thick and soft.

Working with the Fizz yarn is a tad fiddly, but well worth it when you see the end result.

To make this scarf all I did was use one strand of DK yarn and one strand of Sirdar Fizz.  Make a chain to the required length of the scarf, then do rows of double crochet (UK treble crochet) until it was as thick as I wanted.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


I've just come across this brilliant blog - My Recycled, which shows you how to take old materials such as tee shirts,sheets, cassette tape, plastic bags and turn them into useful crocheted items.

This tutorial on how to make T Shirt Yarn has inspired me to dig out my old clothes and have a go myself.