Monday, 29 August 2011

Pastel Baby Blanket

I've nearly come to the end of my seventeen balls project.  My latest item is this pretty baby blanket.  The colours are mainly pastels and it would be a lovely comfort blanket for a Moses basket, pram, car seat etc.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Blue ruffle scarf

I love this Sirdar Salsa yarn!  It's a lovely graduated blue colour and works up into a beautiful ruffle scarf.

It's also extremely soft and lightweight so very comfortable to wear.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fancy frilly scarf

Having treated myself to some lovely Tivoli Whirl yarn today, I didn't waste time in putting it to the test, and decided to make an infinity scarf.

This yarn is so soft and easy to work with, and as you can see from the picture, it spreads out into a net, yet still maintains a thick braid edge, making it easy to crochet with.

To start the scarf, I made a slip knot in the normal way, then to start the chain, I placed the hook in between the thick edge and the net/mesh and made a chain using ONLY the thick edge.  If you imagine the net wasn't there, and use the thick edge as you would a normal yarn, then this is how it grows...

So I continued making the chain until it was the desired length, finished off, and simply tied the two ends voila!!  A deceptively simple, frilly fancy infinity scarf.

It's a lovely scarf to wear with a plain black top.  You can wear it close to the neck...

or leave it longer.................

New Yarn!

Today I had the great fortune to walk into the yarn shop just after he'd taken delivery of his fancy Christmas stock....I've never seen such gorgeous, frilly, colourful yarn in ages...and he let me break open a few packages so I could have a proper look.  Having let me dive inside his pristine new stock and had a good old poke and pull at it, it would've been rude not to have purchased some, wouldn't it?

So I've spent a good part of the past hour admiring my new stash - here are the balls in all their glory - gorgeous or what?

Hats off!

I think I have a new obsession - hats!  I  made my first hat on my way to Scotland in July, and haven't stopped since.

I used this pattern again to make a plain black slouch hat, and wove in some Sirdar Fizz yarn at the end to give it a little extra zing.

I then made a really chunky plain slouch hat, which came out huge, so will be very snuggly in the cold winter months.

Finally, with more than a slight nod to his Purple Highness, I made a lovely raspberry beret :)