Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Whilst I was lurking in my local yarn shop last week, in search of inspiration, I came across some Sirdar Crofter Fair Isle effect yarn, According to the shop owner, it knits (as if by magic) into a Fair Isle pattern, although he had no idea how it crocheted.  Never one to pass up a challenge, or more to sate my curiosity I bought a couple of balls to see what I could do with them.

First of all I decided to make some fingerless gloves - and found this perfect wristers pattern on Ravelry.  I made one glove according to the pattern, using the crofters yarn, and this is how it came out...

I really like the way it works up into an uneven striped pattern.  I decided to adapt the 2nd wrister to my own pattern - I made it slightly looser and longer, with double crochet instead of single crochet, so it would work up quicker and feel less tight.  This is it:

The question now is, do I wear a mismatched pair or do the job correctly and make a matching pair?  I suspect the answer is to leave them as they are as I've moved onto something else now and really can't bear repeating previous work - a slight problem I suppose when you're making a pair of anything...ho hum.

As I had plenty of yarn left over I had a go at a granny square, to see how that looked, and ended up with a very pleasing one-half of a cushion cover.  I love the way this has self-patterned with no need to keep changing yarn.

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