Friday, 29 July 2011

Scottish Crochet

Last weekend was very exciting for us, because I took my middle son on a very long train journey to Scotland to visit his best friend who's recently moved up there.  It was his first every trip on a train, and of course, his first visit to Scotland!  I've been to Scotland before but was equally excited to be returning.

For the 4+ hours between Chesterfield and Edinburgh, he had his games console and comics to occupy him, whereas I had a crochet hook, some wool, and a heavily creased hat pattern that I'd printed off the internet.  I was a little self-conscious at first, "doing it" on a train, but soon got over the initial discomfort, and the journey went in the blink of an eye.

The hat was finished off while we were at our friends' place, and I ended up giving it to my friend, as it really suited her, and lets face it, living in Scotland, she'll probably need it more than me.  I love it though, and will definitely make some more!

The pattern is one I took from a fantastic blog: April Draven Designs.  My hat came out slightly different because I used lightweight yarn instead of worsted, and a smaller hook.  Oh, and obviously, mine has no stripes!

On the return journey, I decided on something that would take a little less concentration, so decided on a 3-strand scarf, complete with tassles!   Here's me working on it in a very tight space! 
 It took a couple of hours to complete and I really like how the different colours have worked so well together.

I couldn't let a post about Scotland go by without showing some of the breathtaking scenes we saw.  The photos below were taken somewhere in the Cairngorm National Park.  The spot is called Queen's View, and if you're ever lucky enough to see it, you'll understand why.

After parking the car in an ordinary car park, next to a pretty normal cafe, you walk 150 metres up an unassuming track, until  you come out at a ledge, to the most breathtaking view.  It's impossible to capture the sheer size of the spectacle on my Canon Ixus, but if you look to the left, you see this.................

And look to the right, and you'll see this........................

Like I say, it's impossible to capture the true awesome-ness of this view, so if you ever get the chance to see it for yourself, then do.

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  1. I love your blog, Dawn.
    The grey crocheted hat turned out awesome. Do you remember which hat design it was called? I make hats for my sis and her family who live in cold, Minnesota, so anytime I see a cool hat someone has made, it's always fun to make one.
    Have a very merry holiday season!
    Teresa in California