Sunday, 17 July 2011

Flower Power

Do you remember the flowers I made as part of my Project: Seventeen balls? Well, I finally managed to make them into something pretty.

Obviously, I made a garland.  I did this by chaining 2 strands of contrasting green yarn, and slip stitching the flowers in at regular intervals.  Simple!  It looks very cute, and will make a lovely little housewarming present (I hope!) for someone who has recently decamped to Scotland...

The garland used up half of the flowers, so I made the remaining 10 into another garland for myself, and used it to pretty up a bit of a dark corner.

This corner contains a dis-used bedroom shelving unit, which holds a whole array of items, including some photos of my eldest son taken when he was very young (ahh), numerous children' books, a couple of pottery items the boys made at a local paint-a-pot cafe, a beautiful fabric owl hand-made by my very good friend, and a few proper old fashioned miners' candles - essential for the winter as the area we live in is very prone to power cuts.

I think the addition of the flowers cheers this corner up no end.

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