Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fancy Scarf

Number 3 on my Project: Seventeen Balls is an open-work scarf.  It took me a couple of days to do, and quite a lot of unpicking, as I kept losing my place on the pattern and doing it wrong!

The pattern itself I found in this book, that my good friend picked up for me at a charity shop.  It's very dated, but is full of different stitches and techniques so makes a very good reference point, and I always find something interesting every time I pick it up, although I recoil slightly each time I turn to the "His and Hers Crochet Cardigan"....

Much as I love crochet, the 1970's certainly have a lot to answer for....imagine if I made one for my partner and me - do you think he'd look as pleased with his cardi as the model in the book?  I don't think so!  Still, this page always makes me chuckle in a "thank goodness I was only a kid in the 70's" way!

The pattern I used to make the scarf is a large "diamond" pattern, although I think it actually looks more floral, and even with the unpicking, it was quite enjoyable to make - a real challenge for a person like me who's not too hot on reading patterns.

I'm not sure it's the height of fashion for now or even in the 70's ....  I wonder what the citizens of the 2040's will make of it....?

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