Sunday, 5 June 2011

Can Can Scarf

Recently I've moved away from Afghan Blankets, and started trying my hand at smaller projects. I've been wanting to do a lightweight fashion scarf for a while, and when I saw Mikey's tutorial on how to crochet with Frillseeker yarn, this seemed the perfect place to start.

The closest thing I could find in the UK to Frillseeker is the Rico Can Can, so gave it a go.  The yarn itself was really fun to work with, and the results were quick to see - always a bonus for those of us who prefer instant gratification!

The finished product took about 2 hours in total, but I made it quite long.  Trying it on, I'm not sure if it's something I'll wear out of the house - the aubergine/pink colour mix seems very "old".  Saying that, the scarf is very soft, and surprisingly warm, so will be perfect for wearing inside my draughty, cold home office.


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