Saturday, 9 April 2011

April Blanket

The granny squares below have finally been joined and bordered and have resulted in my most favourite blanket to date.  I wasn't sure at first if the colours would go together as I envisioned, but I think they look bee-ootiful!

I finished it off in the garden this afternoon in the lovely April sunshine.  It's turned very cloudy and cold now though, so we've all retreated indoors, and April Blanket has found it's rightful place on my comfiest chair.

Now.....what to make next?

Many people have asked me for the pattern for this afghan, so here's a link to Michael Sellick's online tutorial - it's in 4 or 5 parts in total.


  1. Wow. It turned out great. I love the colors.

  2. Thank you Catherine - it's my absolute favourite so far!