Thursday, 20 January 2011

How all this started

When I was a child my mum taught me how to knit, but like many, I never progressed beyond the knit one purl one wobbly multicoloured scarf stage, then dismissed the whole crafty thing for years.

Now a mother of 3 myself, it was during the big freeze in January 2010 that my head was turned by a new weekly magazine, teaching step-by-step crochet.  I bought the first issue, which provided me with a hook, a ball of yarn and basic instructions.  Having mastered the most tricky stage of holding the wool and hook in the correct manner, I spent many an hour, snowed in, sitting in the kitchen, crocheting rows and rows, unpicking them and trying out different stitches.  That was enough to get me hooked!

Not feeling the need to shell out any more money on magazines, I turned to the greatest invention in recent years - You Tube.  It didn't take me long to find this easy to follow tutorial on how to get started.

Mikey is very easy to follow and talks you through every step of the way - I'd recommend his video tutorials to anybody wanting to learn crochet, and also experienced crocheters looking for ideas.  He has literally 100's of crochet tutorials on You Tube, and on his own website, The Crochet Crowd, and you can also join the Crochet Crowd Community on Facebook.

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