Saturday, 22 January 2011

Crocheted Party Bags

When I'm not grappling with a crochet hook, I earn a living selling children's party bags.  I've been a work-at-home mum for almost six years now, and I've seen many other mums like me turn their hobbies into businesses - be they card makers, candle or soap makers, jewellery makers or very nifty with a sewing machine.

Inspired by these clever women, I suddenly wondered if my hobby could become part of my business....and so I invented the crocheted party bag!  Quite simply, it consists of 2 granny squares joined together, with a thick crocheted chain handle.

The end result looks fabulous (I think!) but would be a nightmare to produce - the amount of time it would take would mean a very unrealistic selling price, but the bag itself, I quite like!  What do you think?

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