Friday, 27 May 2011

Fancy Frilly Flip Flops!

Earlier this month I bought a pair of crochet flip flops from the fabulous Claire's Hooked On Crochet on Facebook.  Although they were lovely, my feet are quite skinny (the only thing about me that is!), so they feel quite loose on my feet.  They're worth a look though, because they're fabulously comfy.

Quite by coincidence, my favourite crocheter, Mikey, also posted a You Tube tutorial on jazzing up your own flip flops.  It really is very easy (a bit fiddly at first, though) and can produce lovely results.

Please excuse the close up of my feet, which whilst being the skinniest part of my body, also happen to be the ugliest.....but the flip flops are so comfy now - and they don't slide around or get stuck to the top of my foot in warm weather (most annoying).

Other, more adventurous people than me can add crochet flowers, with little buttons sewn in...any embellishment would do, really.

I'll post a link to Mikey's tutorial below, and want to add that to achieve the ruffle effect, I chained 3 before crocheting round the strap.  You'll see what I mean when you watch the video.

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